Skystra + Google Cloud

Hi Everyone!

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the fusion between our Skystra Cloud and the Google Cloud Platform. Here’s a bit of history, and why we chose Google’s infrastructure over others.

When we started nearly a decade ago, the common infrastructure play was to buy servers. A lot of them. And when those servers got old, we’d get rid of them, buy new ones, and our accountant got to depreciate all of those wonderful assets.

Unfortunately, that kind of capital expenditure, with a limited lifespan (and utility), meant costs could rarely go down. Not to mention the limited ability to deploy new features and services.

I’ll skip the long boring story about finding a cloud infrastructure partner and get to why we chose Google.

Global Datacentres – The biggest reason we went with Google is they have a huge number of datacentres across the world. All of which we have access to. This lets us deploy new products and services in any location so it’s quick for you and your site or sites visitors.

Premium Network – The second biggest reason. Fast infrastructure means nothing if you don’t have the network to back it up. Google’s network is by far the best there is. And your site and emails are delivered over it.

Scalable Infrastructure – Google gives us the best resources needed to run our Cloud Hosting Environment (CHE), Skystra Cloud, the way we want to. Our entire environment is designed to scale as needed. Having an amazing fusion between software and hardware allows us to deliver the best hosting experience we can think of.

High Performance Hardware – Google’s hardware on the Cloud is the exact same hardware they use in their search engine business. Highly performant, and combined with our optimized software and operating system, delivering some screaming fast performance.

Data Privacy – When people think of Google, privacy is far from what they think of. That’s a fair assessment of Google’s search business. However, on the cloud platform, nothing is visible apart from who you choose to share it with. Combined with our encryption layer, your data is kept safe, secure and most important of all, private.


This is just a brief intro to why we’ve partnered with Google Cloud to deliver some very fast websites and emails across the world.

We’ll detail our entire infrastructure in a future Insights article. Until then, enjoy our platform and keep the visitors coming in!