How to move your website from HostGator to Skystra

If you’re moving over from HostGator to Skystra, great choice! We make migrating your website super easy and more importantly, it takes none of your time.

We’ve done so many website migrations, migrating WordPress websites and all their themes and plugins, and even various applications that run on Cloud Hosting, that we know what we’re doing. So don’t be afraid of getting your website migrated over to one of the world’s top Cloud Technology companies. Here’s a quick step by step of what happens once you request a website migration from us:

  • We’ll ask you for your website login details. We need these to move the content over. Once that’s done, we delete the logins from our systems, because your privacy matters
  • Once we get the logins, usually within a few minutes,  we take a look at your website and determine what we need to do. Normally, this is really straightforward, but if we notice anything odd, we’ll contact you first. This is your website, so you always get the final say.
  • Migrating the data comes next. Sit back, have a coffee, we’ll be done soon by this point.
  • Once all the data is migrated, our team will review and make sure everything is in order before giving you the all clear signal.
  • And then, just change the nameservers over to ours.

All of this takes about an hour or two on average. In the thousands of websites we’ve migrated, we have only come across a few that took longer than that, but we got the job done no matter what.

So if you’re concerned about migrating your website, don’t be. We got you covered. Because we want you as a customer, and we know what good service is.