How to Edit the ‘Powered by WordPress’ Text and Link in the Footer Area

Our Managed WordPress customers have asked us how they can remove the “Powered by WordPress” text in their WordPress website footer (the bottom part of the page). Here’s a quick howto guide .

How to Remove the WordPress Footer Link

There are three ways to remove the WordPress footer credit links: a) through the theme customizer, b) through the theme editor, and c) through the Simple Custom CSS plugin.

Editing Through The Theme Customizer

1. Go to to your WordPress Dashboard (If you are on Managed WordPress, you access this through NOVA) type your username and password into the Username or Email and Password fields, respectively, and click the login button.

2. Once you are logged in, navigate to Appearance, click on it, then select Customize.

3. Once you’re in the Theme Customizer, you can scroll down the different options to find the ‘Footer’; this is where you can disable and/or modify the footer link. The options you get in the customizer depend on your WordPress theme.

Others theme options for where to find ‘Footer’ may be the site identity;

After editing or removing the footer credit, click the Save & Publish button at the very top of the customizer.

However, if you are not getting the footer section in any of the options in the customizer, then chances are that your theme option to edit or remove footer credits may be found in a standalone theme page. If so, read on.


Editing Through The Theme Editor

1. Navigate to Appearance, click on it, and then select Editor.

2. The Edit Themes screen will load with the theme’s stylesheet (style.css). Once you are there check the right side of the screen page and look for theme footer or footer.php depending on your theme, and then click on it. The screenshot below is from a libre theme.

3. Once you’re there, you can look for the part where the site info is mentioned. One of the ways to do that is to simply search for ‘powered’. You can change it to what you want or simply remove it by deleting the entire line.

4. After Editing ensure you click the Update File button on the left bottom of your screen to apply the changes.


Hiding Using CSS

1. Navigate to Appearance, click on it, and then select Edit CSS.

2. The Additional CSS page will open within the WordPress Customizer.

3. Add the following code .site-info { display:none;} then click on the Save & Publish button at the top.

We do not recommend using CSS to hide the powered by WordPress footer link since it can have display issues on different browsers.

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