How to add Subdomains on Managed WordPress

On your main client page in NOVA, find your Managed WordPress & domain in the Your Active Services box and click on it:

This will take you to your cPanel Extended dashboard where you will click the Access WordPress button:

After that, hit the New Installation button like below:

You will see in the Details window some fields that you will need to update:

Now let’s see how we need to fill the above columns!

Protocol should be set to https://www as this is something that we recommend doing.

Domain is the field where you fill in your subdomain, for example,

Administrator Password is where you set your custom password or you can automatically create one by clicking on the Generate button.

Site Name is where you write your website name.

Language section is where you choose what language you want to work with. English is automatically selected, but we’ve considered the fact that you may not be a native English speaker. Because of this, we’ve added a ton of languages to choose from such as Spanish, French, German, and many more!

Administrator Username is by default called “admin” but this too can be changed into something of your choosing.

Administrator Email should be set to active email address you own, which would be the email address you signed up with at Skystra, so for example, or, or whichever extension you have.

You can finish by clicking the “Create” button, but let’s not do that just now, as we still have a lot of features on the “Other” page; let’s check them out!

Description – you can say in a couple of words what your website is about and this will help your SEO ratings improve!

Directory – you should leave this field empty to install WordPress in the default subdomain directory, or you can choose a custom directory name.

Database Name – can be changed from the auto-generated name, if you want to have a custom name, the same goes for the Database Prefix.

Auto Upgrade of your website – if newer versions pop up, they will be automatically installed)

Auto Upgrade Plugins – enable this option if you want your plugins automatically updated by the system.

Auto Upgrade Themes – enable this option if you want your themes automatically updated by the system.

This means that once a new version of WordPress, a certain installed plugin or theme, will be available, we’ll automatically install it for you! Don’t forget to enable these features, in order to save your time and focus on your business, or if you want to do this manually, you can still auto upgrade all of the above, once you’ve installed WordPress (we’ll let you know below how to do this, no worries!).

Another cool feature here is enabling Multisite, let’s say for example you have more various domains or subdomains, you can link them all to your Managed WordPress install and access them from the same place. If you have any questions about the Multisite feature, feel free to get in touch and we can help you out at any time.

To finish everything, click on the Create button and you will see your website installed: