Best CRMs to use with WordPress

One of the key strategies to grow and evolve your business is to maintain a healthy customer relationship. Many tools can help you understand your customers better and keep in touch with them through the whole lifecycle. There are many areas you can improve using these tools and data they provide, for example:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service

One of these tools is CRM – a Customer Relationship Manager, that helps businesses keep track of their customer information. Basically, CRM helps you manage your customer information. Back in the day, CRM was only used by huge corporations, but nowadays, even small and medium businesses use it, and CRM is proliferating.

If you’re a small business, with 3-5 clients, you may not need CRM to manage your customer relationships. However, as your business begins to scale, you’ll need a centralized system where all your employees will be able to access and manage potential leads and relationships with existing customers.

As WordPress rose in popularity as one of the best drag & drop, modular website builder platforms, plugin developers started focusing on making awesome CRM plugins as well. These plugins help you import data from your website directly into the CRM, for example, if a person submits a form on your site with their name, email and phone number – CRM plugin will automatically import that information and create a new contact for that person.

There are many paid and free CRM plugins, and we’ll list some of the best in this article.

Zero BS WordPress CRM

ZBS is one of the simplest and fastest of all CRMs. It has a great welcome wizard to help you get started with it, and it’s super easy to create a customer, send a quote, or generate an invoice. If needed, you can extend it with some pretty useful extensions.


Price: Free (with optional paid extensions)

WordPress ERP

This plugin is one of the first fully-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, that allow you to manage both your WordPress website and your business at the same time. It’s a powerful plugin that contains a CRM and HR manager modules, project management, and accounting features to help you bootstrap your business. And best of all? You don’t need to have extensive experience with CRMs, as this plugin provides the setup wizard to configure it with ease. With this plugin, you can:

  • Record calls, meetings, messages, and emails
  • Overview and track income, expenses, etc.
  • Maintain relationships with your customers, subscribers, and leads
  • Assign tasks to your agents directly from a users profile
  • Use life stages to prioritize users


Price: Free (with optional paid extensions)

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

This plugin automatically captures form submissions from your website (including pop-ups) and stores them in the CRM module. When you install this plugin, you gain access to the free HubSpot CRM, including access to marketing, sales and customer service tools, and HubSpot Academy – a free online educational resource.

This plugin is all about growing your email list (and potential leads) and allowing you to communicate with your prospects by offering a Live Chat module. There is an integrated form builder that you can use to create custom banners, pop-ups, and embedded forms.


Price: Free


This plugin allows you to store contacts in your WordPress database, either by adding them manually or through a form on your website. WP-CRM provides highly customizable forms and fields, and you can edit them from your WordPress Dashboard. You can track your user activity, export them in CSV format, and categorize users by their contact type.


Price: Free (with optional paid extensions)

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

If you already use Salesforce CRM – this plugin is for you. The plugin provides one-way integration from your WordPress website directly to Salesforce CRM. If the prospect submits the form on your website – the details will be automatically inserted into the lead object in the Salesforce CRM. Additionally, you can customize the contact form, and then use a shortcode to embed it on your website, either in posts/pages or as a widget in the sidebar.


Price: Free (premium Salesforce account required)


UpiCRM is another free plugin that can collect, store, and manage leads from any forms on your website. It’s compatible out of the box with popular form plugins such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7. Additionally, it offers an import feature, which maps the existing database and form fields to create a unified database of all your leads. You can assign leads to any member of your team, track KPIs through its rich dashboards, and track traffic sources.


Price: Free

WP Fusion Lite

This plugin is a bridge between your WordPress website and a CRM system. It can sync user registrations from your website directly to the CRM, sync user profiles, and limit website content depending on the CRM tags. It can also import contacts from your CRM as new WordPress users (keeping everything in sync). It supports tons of well known CRMs, and some of those are: HubSpot, MailChimp, MailPoet, Salesforce, SendInBlue.


Price: Free for lite version (paid licenses for full access)


Presspoint is a premium solution that can’t be found in the WordPress plugin repository. It’s a custom and robust product for businesses that need more than just storing customer data. Presspoint integrates premium features such as memberships, eCommerce, email marketing, and rich reports – all from your WordPress Dashboard. You can perform complex queries to generate reports and then use those to obtain valuable data or perform actions such as mailing or editing.

Price: Custom

WordPress-CRM System

This plugin is feature-rich, and it allows you and your team to manage projects, receive email notifications, track marketing campaigns, manage contacts, and assign individual tasks. You can create new contacts from existing users on your website, or you can import contacts and other records from your old CRM via easy importer. Additionally, it has features that help with the GDPR compliance, in case it applies to your business.

In case you need it, this plugin is also available in Russian, Spanish, and Polish languages.


Price: Free (with optional paid extensions)

WP Leads Builder for CRM

This plugin isn’t a CRM on its own, however, it allows you to capture leads from your website forms and feed those to your CRM software. You can generate forms (with or without third-party web forms) and embed them to your posts, pages, and widgets. Additionally, it can sync your WordPress users to the CRM software of choice as a contact. As a cherry on top, it can send you a notification each time your lead capture succeeds or fails.


Price: Free (Pro version available)

WordPress CRM plugins can help you elevate your business in unexpected ways, and you can use them to manage your customer relationships, generate leads, and obtain additional insights through rich reports. Most of them are free, with some paid options, so you should definitely look into using any of these if you aren’t already!