Getting started on Cloud Hosting at Skystra

Website hosting can be confusing, but our cloud platform is designed the right way so everyone can use it with or without any previous experience! The Cloud Hosting plan is designed to host practically any type of application and offers unmatched performance, automatic scaling, and bulletproof platform (Google Cloud Platform).

Nova Portal

To get started with setting up an application on your Cloud Hosting plan, you need to login to Nova.

Nova is our client portal, and there are two ways to reach it:

Once you reach the login page, you will see the following form:

To login, input your email address and password.

Installing applications

Once inside Nova portal, look for Your Active Services section and click the link inside the white box that says Cloud Hosting:

Your control panel will open on the next page, and you can click the Applications link to get started:

Click Install New button to show available applications you can install on your account:

Our App Library offers over 250 applications to use at your disposal, and you can install any of these with one click!

Browse the sections or use the search box to find any application you want to install on your account:

Drupal – A powerful Content Management System targeted more towards enterprise needs and features.

Joomla – The world’s second most popular content management system, running millions of websites. Very flexible with tons of plugins and themes to choose from.

WordPress – The leading Content Management System in the world. Our Cloud Hosting service is perfect if you want to run WordPress alongside other applications, and it’s fully optimized for WordPress.

PrestaShop – A fully-featured eCommerce application that is easy to use and configure.

To install an application, simply click the box:

And fill in the required fields:

Depending on the application, you will see multiple tabs available to configure before clicking the Create button. With WordPress, for example – you can choose your administrator username and password, turn backup on or off, set up the backup rotation, and configure auto-upgrade of your WordPress themes.

Each application has its own set of configuration options.

Once installed, you can click on the three dots menu on the right-hand side of the screen to access additional options:

Now you know how to access the application installer, search & install applications, select configuration options, and find additional features.