What is SkyMail?

SkyMail is a business-class email system that guarantees privacy, safety, and 100% uptime. We have developed this email system with total ease-of-use in mind, meaning you’ll always have access to important information, documents, and emails when you need them. The Skystra SkyMail system offers a host of benefits and features, too.

We are built on Google’s Cloud architecture, but we’re still uniquely Skystra. Our SkyMail system is integrated into our hosting and other online services, so with every account you’ll be given access to a business-class email that can help you and your business get ahead.

The system is designed so that you no longer rely on the big tech companies for all the productivity features you need to manage your business and communicate with customers and clients. We use Google’s technology for good, helping you be productive without compromising your security. We never share your details with third parties, and our built-in firewall protects against cyber attacks and malware. In this way, SkyMail is one of the most secure mail options out there.

You can count on us for all the Cloud productivity features you would expect from a major hosting platform. And, we’ve made SkyMail easy to use on any device. Whether you use Windows, Apple, or Google devices, SkyMail is compatible with all common applications and versions used by business professionals. You can hook up your email to connect with Outlook, Apple Mail, and so much more. You can even check in your browser if you need to, giving you access to your inbox in just seconds.

SkyMail is enabled for multi-device use, too. That means your email and Cloud-based documents will be accessible simultaneously on your phone, laptop, computer, and tablet. You may sync as few or as many devices as you like, and the enhanced security features allow you to use two-step verification and manage what devices are accessing your account at any one time.

The Calendar function also allows you to share events with your team, create recurring events, or make reminders that you and select others can see.

To top it off, the Skystra team offers free data migration when you move to us. That means your new email won’t be completely starting afresh. You can enjoy all the amazing benefits of this intuitive and reliable email system without losing access to all your old emails and files. We’ll move everything over to the new server and system without any fuss, and without compromising your security and privacy.

With all this and more, SkyMail is one of the most reliable Cloud-based hosting and email systems for any business.