What are the Differences Between SkyMail and G Suite?

Hosted by Skystra, SkyMail is a cloud platform that gives you access to your emails and a host of other productivity features without the risks that come with using any of the major tech giants. The system is uniquely positioned in that it is built on Google Cloud architecture, but it is independent of the G Suite and set apart in so many ways.

Unbeatable Customer Service

It is virtually impossible to access proper customer service when you opt to use a tech giant’s service. Anyone who has ever encountered a problem with their Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Apple account knows this! You might send an email and wait a week for a response if a response comes at all!

SkyMail is different. We offer real customer service, helping you every step of the way to ensure your account always works for you. You matter to us, a lot.

Enhanced Security Features

SkyMail offers enhanced security features that G Suite simply cannot compete with. We understand just how important it is for businesses these days to have a strong system that fights back against cyberattacks. Every company is vulnerable, which is why we protect against spam and email viruses by putting all of your data on a cloud server that has a proactive security layer. We call this our SkyShield service, and it monitors the server 24/7 to ensure everything is in proper working order.

No Data Sharing. Ever.

We can promise more than the big tech giants ever can when it comes to data sharing. We are not in the business of making money from your data, as we believe all of our customers should enjoy real privacy.

You can rest assured that every email will stay on our system, that only you will ever read them, and that all of your personal data will never leave our servers. We guarantee it.

You’re Not Locked into One Platform!

Tech giants are guilty of trying to keep you locked into their platform. We don’t do that. When you use SkyMail, you can incorporate your mail into any platform you use. Whether you’re using Android, Windows, Apple, or any other platform, we make sure you can access your email and all the other services that come with SkyMail.

We won’t block any features and we won’t make the experience better if you choose one platform over another. Your mail will simply work all the time, every time.