What are the Advantages of SkyMail Over Office 365?

SkyMail is Skystra’s solution for businesses that require 100% uptime, cloud services, better email connectivity, and total ease of use. We know just how important it is for businesses big and small, new and old, to be connected with their customers, clients, and colleagues all the time.

Our email system is designed from the ground up with reliability and ease of use. Email should just work.

Office 365, Microsoft’s answer to online productivity and email, is another popular system – but we think SkyMail is better. Here’s how.

Enhanced Virus and Malware Protection

SkyMail offers an enhanced virus and malware protection system, which we believe is significantly better than Office365’s Outlook offering.

We call it SkyShield, and it could just save your company from a cyberattack.

Through a proactive security system that keeps all your data secure, we can protect your website, data, and email from bots and malware. We constantly research new security threats to ensure we’re well equipped to protect you from all the latest threats, and our AI-powered system uses machine learning to deploy script patching and proactive malware removal across the full SkyMail system.

We’re at War with Spam

Microsoft doesn’t have the time to keep on top of your spam email problem. Their “filtered inbox” system offered through Outlook may make it possible to filter out some spam into an inbox you’ll probably forget about, but it also risks you losing important emails and never knowing they came through.

We don’t just filter your emails into two separate inboxes. We use an intelligence system that constantly battles spam mail to keep you safe. Our team works tirelessly to keep updating our system, recognizing trends, and ensuring you aren’t bombarded with emails you should never receive.

Better Customer Service

Nobody can match our customer service. We are available 24/7 to chat through our online chat feature, and our helpdesk support is manned by a team of staff who are committed to ensuring you always get the service and support you need.

You can count on us to always be there if you need us.