What is Edge VPS Hosting?

We designed our Edge VPS Hosting service with scalability and practicality in mind, and it is intended for developers, professionals, and agencies. If you don’t happen to be any of these, but you still want to have dedicated resources reserved for your websites and total control over them – Edge VPS Hosting is for you as well! We include a wide range of programming languages, developer tools, frameworks, and applications to give you an edge over your competition (pun intended :-)), as well as our premium features such as SkyShield (proactive security system) and SkySync (advanced backup system). Our Edge VPS Hosting comes fully managed, which means you never need to worry about the infrastructure and security of your hosting account.


Edge VPS Hosting service is hosted on our advanced Cloud Hosting Environment (CHE), which sits on top of Google Cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform), to ensure maximum performance, excellent reliability, and speedy delivery. In addition to that, using GCP allows us to scale indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry if your website uses too much traffic. Bring it on! 🙂

Google is everywhere, and so is your website! Through our partnership with GCP, Skystra’s infrastructure is distributed, which also means your website is hosted across many servers in Google data centers all over the world.

We also provide globally available DNS servers, so both you and your visitors will notice excellent connection times.


If you’re a web developer, you need tools to be able to do your job. So we made all these tools available at no cost, they cover a wide range of languages, tools, and frameworks that allow you to develop your websites faster and without the need to tinker with the setup of the server.

Here are some of the developer features available with this service:

Shell access – Connect to your account via SSH and use the command line to access files, launch applications, and manage Git repositories.

Git Version Control – Create and manage Git repositories hosted on your account. You can use Git to manage any collection of files (software development project, website’s files, and assets, or simple text files, for example).

PHP – Choose a PHP version best suited for your application, and manage extensions and configuration. We offer multiple PHP versions, and we strive always to have the latest version available for our customers.

Python – Create and manage your Python applications easily! We offer multiple Python versions, as well as tons of Python extensions to choose from!

PHP Frameworks – We don’t believe you can do proper PHP web development without access to frameworks. Edge service offers a wide range of frameworks, so you install Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Bootstrap, CakePHP, and others if needed!

Node.js – If you build scalable web applications with Node.js, Edge service is perfect for you as it supports this JavaScript runtime as well!

Ruby on Rails – Upload and run your Ruby on Rails applications.

Staging – If you use WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop applications, you can work on a development version of your website separately from your live website, so you don’t have to worry about potentially breaking your website.

Static – This feature is available for WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop applications, and it allows you to use our static site generator to create a static, html only, site. This reduces attack surface on your website, and removes the urgency to apply critical updates for your plugins or themes.

As you can see, we appreciate web developers, and we did our best to create the perfect environment for them to develop and deploy their applications.


We realize that both developers and agencies have multiple customers and websites they need to manage. The MultiSite feature allows you to set up separate cPanel accounts on a single Edge account, and then control them via one control panel. You can set up account packages and allocate specific resources to them, which allows you to create new accounts for your clients easily and quickly. Do you want to know the best part? MultiSite comes at no extra cost, and is included with Edge service for free!


In addition to everything we covered in this article – we also provide two essential features explicitly designed for your peace of mind:

SkyShield – Our proactive security system that fuses human and AI-powered machine learning monitoring to keep your website, data, and emails protected. SkyShield uses an advanced firewall to block all types of cyberattacks, malware, bots, and hackers.

SkySync – Our Cloud backup service that backs up your website, email, and database data to an offsite location. We store multiple versions of your files, daily, so you can restore critical data at all times, instantly.

As you can see, Edge Hosting service covers a wide range of tools and features you can use, for a fair price, so whether you’re a developer or agency – we got you covered!

Got Questions?

The Skystra team is always happy to help you out, we’re experts ;-). Just click the “Connect” button on the bottom right of the page and choose “Chat With Us.” We’re available, 24/7!