How To Create A Staging Site on Cloud and Edge

Our Cloud and Edge VPS hosting services provide a great tool called Softaculous Staging to help you during the development process, by allowing you to work on the development version(s) of your website without affecting the primary, live site.

When developing, a test environment is everything.

Please note that the Softaculous Staging tool is not a universal solution for every website, so some plugins and licenses may not carry over. 

Let’s start!


Login to your Nova client area, and click on the hosting service you want to create a staging website on.

Click the Access cPanel button.

Scroll down to the Software section and click on the Softaculous Apps Installer link.

Go to your website installations, and click on the staging button next to the desired installation.

In this article, we’ll use WordPress websites as an example, but you can also run staging versions of your website on different popular apps such as Joomla, PrestaShop, or Drupal.

On the next page, choose the protocol, domain, and directory for your new staging website. In this example, we’ll use the same domain as on the original installation and place the staging website into the staging directory.

Click the Create Staging button to continue and take a look at the setup process:

Once completed, Softaculous will show a confirmation screen:

Once you return to the overview of your websites, you can see that the staging website is listed right below the original installation:

If you’ve filled in email address under Softaculous email settings – you will receive staging installation details to that email address (admin login details are the same as the source installation).

You’d then be able to access your staging dashboard.

In this example, we can access the WordPress Dashboard of our live or staging websites at all times, by clicking on the icon under the admin column:

Use this staging installation to develop a new version of your website, or test changes before pushing them to the live site.


Pushing Staged Version to Live


Once you’re ready to push your change to live site, click on the Push to Live button:

The next page allows you to either push changes without changing anything (Default Options) or select the options before pushing live (Customize):

The default option replaces all files and folders of your existing live installation, and in addition to that – erases the live database and restores a backup from the staging version.

If you click on the Customize tab, you can choose which options you want to modify:

  • Overwrite files and folders
  • Erase the live database and restore the full version from the staging website
  • Manually select which database changes to import
  • Choose if you want to make staging version as a live version (by clicking on the Set this installation as live button)

Once you customize the settings, click the Push to Live button to start the process of pushing the staging site to the production (live) website.

Please note that Softaculous will automatically create a backup of your live website, which you can find under Softaculous’ Backups and Restore menu.

Once the push to live is completed, you will see a confirmation message:

That’s it!